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MuaLand: Happiest Place on Earth (With The Prefix "Mua")!
Life of a Koosh Ball


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Life of a Koosh Ball
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Or: The Many Faces of Mua

Well, there are really two Muas: The Real Life Mua, the one who is typing, and the character Mua, who is slightly more interesting. I think I'll cover them both.

Real Life: A high school student named Max, AKA Maximus the Gladiator (who is definitely better looking then Russel Crowe) in a town I shall leave un-named. A few things, I have an N64 and a Dreamcast, I'm a great-guitarist, a hell of a WWF-mark, and I'm paranoid about the internet, which is why that is all you'll get out of me.

Character Mua, AKA "The Fun Part": Mua is a child's toy gone horribly, horribly wrong. He's two-foot tall Koosh Ball with a Choa's head and a Pokemons mannerisms. Yes, you heard right. He's extremely cheerful, naive, fun, and has the annyoing quirk of referring to himself in the third person. He likes cheesecake. He's basically a good thing. So what's wrong?
Don't make him angry.
If you do, you run a rather high risk of sending him into Instant Death. If you do this, he will scream "Instant death", erupt in fire, and become something more like Akuma meets Stone Cold Steve Austin. He will proceed to whoop yo' buttocks. Badly. Then, when he's satisfied, he's just revert back to the fluffy version, and will be happy again. Thus, if you're on his good side, well, everythings A-OK. On the other hand...
Well. That's enough about me. On to the more interesting things.

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