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The World Wrestling Federation Drinking Game


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The World Wrestling Federation Drinking Game
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Just for the hell of it.

Well, there are a lot of anime-cartoon drinking games out there, and not too many sports-entertainment drinking game, so I wrote a drinking game out there for all the WWF marks who don't know when to drink during thier favorite shows.
Rules: If you're under 18, do not use anything alchoholic. Jolt works just as well.

Sip-A little bit, just to tickle your tounge.
Drink-Normal amount you wold drink. More than a sip, but not quite enough to fill your mouth.
Gulp-A big drink
Chug-Drink the entire container in one sitting,

Sip when:
A new wrestler is brought in from ECW or WCW.
A move that was a finisher at least a decade ago barely phases a modern opponent.
The announcer mis-calls a move.
A fued begins with a really vauge and undescriptive beginning.
Paul Heyman ingores the match to watch the female at the side of the ring.
The person who has the advantage at the very beginning of the match loses.
A title should have changed, but the referee was partial/distracted/unconcious.

Drink when-
Raven makes absolutely no sense.
Paul Heyman stretches the truth until it snaps.
A person leaves on a long absence, and when they return, they are exactly the same.
A newcomer from ECW or WCW has a really undermimed debut.
The Rock miraculously kicks out.
Stone Cold gets disqualified or interferes blatantly with a match.
Kurt Angle goes from babyface to heel in the space of ten seconds.
A title changes on Raw or Smackdown.
A title won on Raw Or Smackdown changes hands on the next show.
The main event has a special stipulation.
A match for the WWF title is not the main event on Raw or Smackdown.
The Rock invents a new catchphrase.

Gulp when-
The Rock, The Undertaker, Jericho, or any other top face is pinned cleanly.
A person who loses a title regains it on a technicality or dispution (This has HHH written all over it-remember Jericho?).
A title changes hands on Heat.
There are so many contenders for one title, they have to have some sort of huge match for the title, and the champion wins.
The Rock fights with injuries, and mounts an outstanding comback with slaps to the face (he doesn't have to win).
You can predict at least three of the Rock's next lines.
A campy, corny joke by Jericho still gets a huge pop (Oops, I Did It A-Kane)

Chug when-
The Rock, The Undertaker, Jericho, or any other top face submits cleanly.
The WWF title changes hands on Heat.
Chaz wins the WWF title.
A PPV main event ends in a no-contest.
A PPV WWF Title Match ends in a DQ.
The fans cheer Triple H.
The fans boo the Rock.
The Rock admits he might have been wrong and asks for an apology.

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