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AKA Appeasing Jesus

I know a man. He calls himself Ice Fenix. He knows me. He saw my page. He wanted to be mentioned. He is mentioned here. If you want to know about him, I am going to put up his ACRX profile. Here is the Ice Fenix ACRX profile:

Name: Ice Fenix


Height: 5'8

Weight: 160

Age: 18

Appearance: Blue hair, black steeltoed cowboy boots, black jeans, black shirt, and a blue leather jacket with a phoenix on the back. He also wears black fingerless padded-knuckle gloves.

Bio: Ice was born to normal parents in a normal town. As a matter of fact, the stangest thing to happen to the town was Ices birth. His parents still hadn`t picked a name, right up till labor. When he was born, and the doctor tried to spank him, the doctor found his hand frozen to Ices ass! This is when his name was picked.

There was no scientific reason for Ice to have these powers, no abnormality in the birth, no history of anything like this on either of his parents side. Ice was the one in a million. He grew up learning about these powers [his parents and the doctors hid this information from the world, for fear the government would try to take him away] and training.

He couldn`t make snowfall or anything, but he could create ice. He could even freeze any thing he touched! But, Ice can`t freeze anything much larger than himself, and only things that were in arms distance. However, there was one incident involving Twisted Metal 3 [Ice was pissed at the AI] in which Ice froze the entire appartment building he was living in [which lead to his current living situation with Mormon]!

Ice also found he had some physical benafits. He found he could leap farther and take more punishment than other people. He could stand outside in three feet of snow and not get cold.

Ice wound up in Dream City [the center of the Video Game Multiverse] after the death of his parents. He was 16. Life would have been rough, but having super-human powers can make life alot easier. He met a man named Mormon, who would become Ices roommate. Mormon also has a pet, Nagahide The Goat, who mysteriously shows up in the oddest of places.

He also knows a young girl named Shadow Dragon Ryukage [SDR]. She is a young drow, who Ice and Mua hung out with a while ago.

Ice currently works at Racewing Productions, a small independant film company. He and Mua [a sentient koosh ball] have traveled to the center of the Anime Multiverse in search of a good fight.

Style: No real style, focuses mainly on kicks and ice powers.


Cheesecake: Ice has an infinate amount of cheesecakes on him at any given time. If Mua goes insane, Ice can give him a cheescake to calm him down.

Garage: Ice owns a garage that has been turned into a rec room. Inside are turntables, oversizes speakers, spraypaint, and a few arcade machines. Ice holds a party there every other month. These parties are usual techno parties, with lots of dancing and video games. Since its not a house, Ice doesn`t have to worry about his home getting trashed. But everyone knows that if they harm one of the arcade machines, they will be on the receiving end of icey retribution.

Affiliated Characters:

Mua: A blue koosh ball that speaks in the third person. He/It is the partner of Ice. When the ACRX comes around, if you see one, the other isn't far behind.

Shadow Dragon Ryukage [SDR]: A twelve-year-old half-dragon half-drow girl. She is not what you might call "friends" with Ice, but they were going to be partners once, so she might be dependable in a pinch.

Mormon: Roommates with Ice. Can't fight. Lives in Dream City [duh]. Kinda airheaded, but a nice guy.

Nagahide The Goat: Mormons pet goat. No, I don't know why he has a pet goat. He has a habit of wandering off, and showing up in the strangest of places.

Character Notes: Think nice guy. Rarely gets angry, and if he does get angry, it usually has something to do with his video games or someone messing with a friend. *Don`t* mess with his friends. Not a wiseass [at least not all the time] but has a good sence of humor. Very friendly, even to strangers or people he has to fight. Cocky and confident in a fight, mainly because he doesn`t give a damn if he wins. He does want to win, but in the long run, he doesn`t care. The ACR is just another way to stave off the perpetual boredom that he has been battling with all his life.

Theme: A random song from the dubbed version of the Street Fighter 2 anime.

Vs. Mua: Weird Al, Polkamon


His own stage: Ice is seen playing Street Fighter Alpha 3. Ice does a move in the game and stands up.
"I just beat Bison with the one true Dan! You shall fall easily ! P#3AR M! 3L!T3 S|<!LS D00D!
While Ice is laughing, the opponent walks up to him and bitchslaps him so hard he falls to the ground. Ice stands up and says "Touche'." and gets into fighting stance. Ice starts the match with 99% health, unless its R.Jak, then he starts with 98%.

Alternate: Ice walks onstage tightning his gloves. He looks to his opponent and says "Lets have fun." smirking. Ice then gets into his fighting stance.

In a place with a large crowd: Ice walks onstage wearing blue shades. Ice smirks at his opponent and throws the shades to the crowd.

Vs. Mua, SDR: They do the Newbie Handshake [tm].

Vs. Medius Raile: Ice Glares at Medius. "Your good. But you should know I`ve only been using .00000000001% of my power." Ices entire body glows blue, and when the glow subsides, his hair is spikey, the symbol on his jacket is a scorpion, and all his clothes are red, and his eyes are glowing blue. "Now face my true form [INSTANT CHEESECAKE]!" Medius takes on his [INSTANT OATMEAL] form and the fight begins.

Vs.Eva: Eva is waiting impatiently at her starting point, Ice is sitting in a chair reading a scouting report. Ice throws away the paper and turns to Eva.
"I'll make you a deal. If you win, I'll give you this." Ice pulls out a large starfish encrusted treasure chest [from the same place he keeps all those cheescakes] that is filled to the brim with starfish.

Big starfish. Little starfish. Purple starfish. Jewel encrusted starfish. Any kind of starfish imaginable is in this chest. Evas eyes grow three sizes and her mouth hits the floor. "But if I win, you go on a date with me. A real date." Eva considers this for a moment and shakes her head in agreement. "I don`t intend to lose."

Ice smiles and calls out Mua to take the chest away. Mua looks up at Ice and says "Where did you get this?" Ice looks down at Mua and says "E-bay." Mua takes the chest into the background, and for the rest of the fight he is seen cheering for Ice.

Taunt: Ice opens his right hand to reveil a small ice sculpsure of his opponent.


Ices right hand glows a light blue. "I was hoping for a workout." Ice says smirking.

Alternate: Ice faces the crowd and yells "OYAJI!".

Vs. Mua, SDR: Ice walks over to them and says "Are you alright?".

Draw: Ice shrugs and walks off.

Loss to time: Ice walks off mutering "Cheap."




Want me to put some ice on that?

After beating an opponent that he *shouldn't* have been able to beat, OR, a perfect: "Hail to the king, baby."


Vs. Seijou: If Seijou taunts Ice, the clock stops and SDR jumps out beside Ice.

SDR: We do not take kindly to our allies being abducted.

Ice: Ent.


Ice and SDR leap on Seijou and they erupt in a cartoony cloud of smoke. They roll around for awhile then brake through the floor. [I don`t care where they were fighting] They land in a hallway with four doors on either side. Anyone who has seen a cartoon recognizes this as the hallway gag.

[Note: When I say Someone "runs through" I mean they run out one door and into another. If you want to know which door, use your imagination.]

Mua runs into one of the doors followed by Seijou, then SDR, then Ice.

Mua runs through chased by Seijou.

Ice runs through with SDR in tow.

Seijou flies through carrying Ice.

The Scream Killer runs through.

Ice and Mua come out a door riding a golf cart, then go through another door.

SDR flies through.

Jason chases a Nameless Teenager through.

KoRn comes out a door talking amongst themselves. The Backstreet Boys come out another door. The two groups take one look at each other and erupt into a giant brawl.

SDR chases the Scream Killer through slashing at him with her sword.

Seijou rides a wheel barrel through being pushed by Vash.

Two Ices run out seperate doors and stare blankly at each other.

Mormon rides Nagahide through.

Lina Inverse chases Gourry through shooting fireballs at him.

The two Ices shrug and run through seperate doors.

Mua rides Yoshi through.

Jill Valentine runs through being chased by the Nemesis.

Jason runs back out and kills one of the Backstreet Boys. No one seems to care.

The South Park kids [all four of them] runs out. Kenny is shreded by Jason.

Stan: Oh my God! He killed Kenny!

Kyle: You basterd!

SDR runs out and sees this. She changes into dragon form and begins chasing Jason.

Ryo Saiba runs through chasing a Victoria Secret sales woman.

The MultiMediocreKnight rides a tye-dyed tank through while playing the Canadian national anthem on a kazoo.

Mua rides a Boston Terrier through.

Ice runs out and notices [for the first time] the Korn/Backstreet brawl. Ice begins double teaming a B.B. with David. [Korns drummer]

Legato runs through.

Vash runs out. He asks Munky [one of Korns guitar players] where Legato went. Munky points him to the door and he runs off.

Kaneda rides out on his bike. He blasts open a door with his laser and rides through.

Tiffany bounces through.

Ryo and Vash chase tiffany through.

Seijou flies through carrying the three remaining South Park kids.

Mua rides a tri-cycle through.

Gourry, Lina, Jessie, James, and Meowth burst out a door fighting over food. They fall into the Korn/Backstreet/Ice brawl.

Cloud, Squall, and Zidane walk out seperate doors and start fighting. They end up joining the Korn/Backstreet/Ice/Slayers/Team Rocket brawl.

The MultiMediocreKnight walks out and sees the brawl. He begins pitching Kraft Bombs [tm] everywhere for the hell of it.

Billy and Jimmy Lee and the BattleToads run out chasing there agent. They trip and fall into the Korn/Backstreet/Ice/Slayers/Team Rocket/MMK/FF brawl.

Nabiki walks out and sees the Korn/Backstreet/Ice/Slayers/Team Rocket/MMK/FF/Double Dragon/Battletoads/Slimy Agent brawl. She begins selling tickets.

Lina Inverse gets pissed and casts Dragon Slave. This destroys the hall and blows Ice and Seijou back to the ring. The fight resumes.

Vs.Kyo:If Kyo does a Koura Barai, instead of a pepsi, he throws a coke. Ice catches it, takes a drank and says "Arigato, dude." smirking. Kyo fumes.

Vs. Scorpio: If Scorpio summons Cherry, the clock stops. Instead of his clothes coming off, his skin falls off to reveal..

"Farmer Brown!"

They take off another costume to reveal...

"Jonathan Davis!"

Another costume...


Scorpio says "I think this is the last costume..."


Kenny [from South Park] starts talking to Cherry and friends, then a blue car jumps the curb and lands on Kenny. Ice jumps out. "Sorry I'm late. I got stuck in traffic, so I asked a friend to stand in for me."
Ice begins to look around for Kenny then realizes that he just ran him over. "OH MY GOD! I KILLED KENNY! I'M A BASTERD!" The fight resumes with Ice at full health, and the car in the background.


Front Flip: Ice grabs his opponent by the neck, rolls to his back, and shoves his legs into his opponents gut. The opponent lands a few feet from Ice.

Iceberg: Ice punches the ground a foot in front of his opponent, and a large block of ice juts out of the ground sending the opponent skyward.

Lowblow: Ice kick his opponent in the gut.

IceSickle: QCF+P
Ice shoots a ball of ice at his opponent. Average fireball.

Blue Kick: QCB+K
Exactly like Terry Bogards Crack Shot. Kick used determans range and arc.

Ice Gloves: All Punches
Ice covers his hands with ice. All punch attacks do twice normal damage. Lasts 15 seconds.

Super Kick: QCF+K
Ice steps forward with his left leg and kicks his opponent in the head with all his might with his right leg. This is Ices most damaging special, but also has the worst start up and lag.

Interfearance: QCF+START
Mormon runs in behind the opponent and tries to hot him/her with a steel chair. It can`t be blocked, and mormon can`t be hit, but it can be ducked or jumped. If it is, Mormon can`t stop and will keep running a few steps. If it hits Ice, Ice takes the damage and, after standing back up, kicks Mormon in de nuts and throws Mormon out.

Az Kiker: K rapidly
Ice steals Chun-lis [or is it Kims?] signature move. Ice Kicks rapidly at his opponent. Lasts as long as you hit the kick button.

Tornado Kick: QCF+2K
This is a spin kick, but not like Ryu/Ken/Akuma does. Instead of sticking out one foot and spinning like a top, Ice spins around alternating between feet. Think Seans spin kick from SF3, or how Ryu did it in the SF anime. Six hits total, moderate damage per hit.


Omegablue: 2QCB+P
Ices eyes begin to glow blue as he rushes toward his opponent. Ice travels 3 quarters of the screen. If Ice hits the opponent, he picks him/her up by the face and yells "OMEGABLUE!" and large blocks of ice jut out of Ice hitting the opponent.

Ultimate Kick: 2QCF+K
Ices body begins to glow blue as he takes a running jumpkick at his opponent. Travels half the screen.

Ice Blast: 2QCF+P
Ices eyes and hands glow blue as he charges a ball of concentrated cold in his hands. Ice then launches this projectal at the opponent. Has terrible start up and lag, but is Ices most damaging super.

Iceplosion: 2QCB+K
Ice leaps forward like in Omegablue, except he grabs his opponents shirt. The opponent swats Ice away, but notices a small patch of ice on his/her shirt. As the opponent inspects it, he/she explodes in a cloud of ice.

Ice Phoenix: -> P K <- K P
Ice begins kicking his opponent. The kicks get faster and faster until they look like something Chun-li would do. Then Ice stops and does a hadoken-like motion and shoots a large blue phoenix at his opponent.

Ice Flake: Rotate joystick clockwise twice+P
Ice shoots a small ball of ice at his opponent that looks suspiciously like a gadoken. If it connects, the opponent is encased in a giant snowflake.

If you like this, then talk to Ice Fenix. You can contact this Jesus wannabe at

There. You happy, you limey wanker?

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