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MuaLand: Happiest Place on Earth (With The Prefix "Mua")!
Eye Cheesecake


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Eye Cheesecake
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The Special Effects Event of the New Millenium

These are pictures. Mostly drawn by me. Don't worry, they all have a caption, so you won't be struggling for hours on end to figure out what the flaming hell you'er looking at. here. Have a ball.


Mua. Happy. Waving hi. I drew it. Joy.


Mua. Not happy. Fear it. Fear my mad drawing power. Ph3@r my 3l1t3 sk1llz d00d.


This is Mua, floating over the head of Bug-Eyed Earl of Red Meat fame. Find Red Meat at Mua drawn by me. Earl drawn by Max Cannon.


S'a Koosh Ball. No, it's not me, just a generic Koosh ball. Copyright Whoever makes Koosh. Wheefun.


They. Are. Wayne. And. Liz. Deadly. Silent. My personal assasins and bodyguard. Do not cross the koosh, or you will feel their wrath. Wanna know what the heck I'm talking about? Click the link below to see the deadly skill of Wayne. And. Liz.

Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here.

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