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MuaLand: Happiest Place on Earth (With The Prefix "Mua")!
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MRok, 98.3. All Mua, all the Time.
The Guestbook
The Illegitamate Son of Ballad
Eye Cheesecake
Other Places to Go
What Paint Thinner Does To Your Brain
Token Ice Fenix Tribute
Contact Me
Life of a Koosh Ball
The World Wrestling Federation Drinking Game
The Illogical Scribblings of Mua

Realm Of Joy, Happiness, and Cheesecake.

Welcome to MuaLand! This is a work in progress. It belongs to me, Mua! It has stuff I like, links, and random junk I feel is rather unecessary, but put up anyway.

On this personal page, you won't find "My Pets" or "Doorway to Me". Nawww. You'll find stuff that's lots more fun, like "The Illogical Scribblings of Mua" "Life of a Koosh Ball" "What Paint Thinner Does to Your Brain" and all sorts of neato keen things like that! Take a look around; you might be pleasantly surprised.

Welcome to MuaLand!

MuaLand-The Happiest Place on Earth(With The Prefix "Mua")
P.S.: My computer is on the fritz, so this odd door will remain until I can upload my pic of MuaLand.
P.S.S.: Scratch the P.S. The Pic is up!

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What's New in The Happiest Place on Earth (With The Prefix "Mua")?

Whew. Almost forgot this was here. Oh, yeah: AYB is dead. It's gone. Deal with it. I have. And, you may have noticed, several pages and features have been deleted. This is because they sucked. The WWF Game was slightly altered. Damn. This page needs something original. Any ideas?

Added more links. Expect big rehaul soon (read: never)
All your update will soon belong to us.

Added my very own comic strip.
AYBABTU is on the way to MuaLand.

Apologies for the delay.
Minorly revised the WWF Game.
Expect All Your Base to come your way soon. You are on the way to destruction.

Two new songs just waiting to invade your aural orifices.

1-26..Part Two!
Added The Music Section and a hit counter. Unfortunately, the latter sucks, due to the fact that I don't have to money to get the proffesional version. Too bad, we're all stuck with the dern green one. Oh, well.

Welcome to the New Milleneum.
Well, I've added the official Art page "Eye Cheesecake". Sorry to all my Muanites who have been so long in waiting. A music page is planning to come up soon. Don't forget: sign the guestbook, post on the board, and fear Wayne and Liz!

By now, I have added:
The Illegitamate Son of Ballad (both versions)
Other Places To Go
What Paint Thinner Does To Your Brain

Cool. Catch y'all on the flip side.

First Published MuaLand, complete with:
Home Page
Life of a Koosh Ball
The World Wrestling Federation Drinking Game
The Illogical Scribblings of Mua
Contact Me

Also added this section and fixed some minor spelling errors.
Happy Hanukah!

Also, here's the offical meesage board of MuaLand:

The Illegitamate Son of Ballad.

Here I might include a GuestBook Web Gem so I can keep track of visitors.
Or I might not. Ooooohhh. The suspense is killing you, I'm sure.

So far, starting 1-26-01,

crazy Muanites have felt the overpowering allure of this land of Joy and Cheesecake.